Overcoming Fear

"But perfect love drives out fear”

Overcoming fear during the Covid 19 Emergency

Living through fear for human beings is nothing new, generations of our families have done so and grown more resilient through suffering. Particularly for Christians globally many of that faith group in the past 100 years have had to live in fear for their lives. 

 Worlwide over a million have died from Covid 19 and fear is rearing its head, but there is hope as doctors increase in their knowledge of how to care for the sick, and the Church and others have sought new ways of caring for people, and there are hopes of a vaccine for 2021.  So, what can we do? Well Scripture is clear there are 365 verses about do not fear. We do not worship scripture, we worship Jesus, and his is the name that calms our fears.Also of course we can keep up with advice from HM Govt. 


Eleven of the first Christian apostles met their end in martyrdom, but one died of old age ,the Apostle John. In his old age he wrote a letter, and this is a line from that letter.It's a letter full of encouragement.

“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment’s one who fears is not make perfect in fear” 1 John 4:18

It was John the Apostle who had stood at the Cross with Mary when nearly everyone else had deserted Jesus, so he knew what fear was, to look up at his Saviour and Lord and friend being crucified to death. In Jesus of Nazareth he saw perfect love personified in the human Jesus who was, yet Lord and King and God incarnate in a man.

When Mary realised that she a teenage virgin girl would bear the Messiah to come, and  once she got over her fearful encounter with Gabriel, she exclaimed in song.

“For he who is mighty has done great things for me and holy is his name. And his mercy is for those who fear him from generation to generation!” Luke 1:49-50

Mary’s people were used to fearing tax collectors or Roman Soldiers or Herods forces or even the Jewish Temple Police, but here she speaks about fearing God.I note that she sings, singing can be a real antidote to fear, especially singing as part of worship. When you fear God it’s not like me fearing spiders (which I do) but it is being in awe of God’s awesome power and majesty so that then I do not fear man. And its ok to fear, it’s a normal human response to threat. Joseph of Arimathea asked Pilate for Jesus’s body so he could bury him but he did this act secretly because he feared the Jewish leaders, and he brave man that he was went ahead and buried Jesus with the help of Nicodemus a man who overcame his fear after his night time conversation with Jesus. Both men it is thought went on to be courageous leaders in the early Church,The man they buried rose from the dead three days later!

It is natural to worry and  to be concerned and to fear, but maybe just maybe, God is saying, particularly to his people “Do not fear like others be courageous, pray for one another, and ask me to deliver you of the ultimate fear; the fear of death for I have conquered death and in me is eternal life even life in all its fullness”.

See next page for prayers you can say. Do get in touch with us if we can help,we are a network of Christians ready to pray, and help and listen.


Tudor Roberts March 2020 updated Oct 2020

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