Intercessions 21 February 2021

All Saints, Lydiard Millicent

Intercessions 21st February 2021

This morning I have used the Lord’s prayer as a frame for our intercesions.

Our Father in heaven,

Heavenly Father we thank you that we can call you Father and that you care deeply for each one of us.  Please hear our prayers this morning.


hallowed be your name

Lord we praise that you even though you are our heavenly Father your name is also Holy and worthy of praise. We thank you that we are free to praise and worship you, but we are saddened that your name is not hallowed everywhere.  Please be with all those for whom worshiping and following you leads to persecution and suffering.  We thank you for their courage and ask that you bless them and give the strength and peace they need.  We also ask you to bless the work of those who seek to support them thinking of Open Doors, Barnabus Trust and Sat-7.


You kingdom come, your will be done

Loving Lord, we thank you that you have a plan for each one of us but we acknowledge that we don’t always seek to follow you in everything we do.  May we seek to determine your plan for us and for All Saints.  In a moments quiet ask God to speak clearly to you.  Maybe there is something you need to do or change, a person to call or email, …………………………………

Lord give us courage to act on what you have said to us this morning.


on earth as in heaven

heavenly Father thank you that you created this beautiful planet for us to live in.  As we see the signs of spring may we be reminded that you have told us to care for the world.  May we listen to scientists and drive less, recycle more and save energy wherever possible.  Please bless the work of those who are seeking to find more sustainable way of living.


Give us this day our daily bread

Gracious Lord thank you that you have provided enough for all needs.  Please forgive our selfishness and greed which leads to others not having sufficient.  We think of those who do not have enough and ask that their needs be met.  Please bless the work of all those seeking to improve the lives of others, thinking particularly of the Food Collective and the Night Shelter here in Swindon.

We ask for your healing hand on all who are sick and suffering for what ever reason especially those who are suffering from Coronavirus, have lost loved ones and those who are lonely.  We think particularly of those known to us and we mention them to you now in a moments quiet.

Lord we praise and thank you for all those have been involved in the search for, production and roll out of the Covid Vaccine, for all our doctors, nurses, carers, volunteers and for all key workers in many sectors.  We thank you for their courage and dedication and ask that you continue to keep them safe.  We ask for wisdom for our Prime Minister and those who are making the decisions for how and when to ease lockdown.  We also ask that this be soon.  Please give your peace to all those who are worried about the future for whatever reason


Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who in against us

Lord there isn’t the words to fully express the gratitude we have for you for the suffering you endured for our sins to be forgiven and for the grace you continually show us.

This morning we ask for you help to show the same grace and forgiveness to others, however big or small the hurt.  In a moments quiet ask God to show you someone who you need to forgive and ask for his help to do so.


Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil

Lord at the beginning of this season of lent we remember that you, yourself faced temptation in the wilderness and overcame it.  We all face temptation big and small, please help us to be strong and overcome them.

We also remember those for whom their temptations have become addictions and are building a barrier between them and you as well as ruining their relationships with others.  Whatever their addiction is, maybe drugs, alcohol, greed, pornography may they have the courage to seek help.  Please bless them, those who work to help them and bring comfort and peace to those who are worried or suffering due to their addiction.


For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory for ever and ever

Heavenly Father we thank you that whatever happens in this life we are reminded that nothing can separate us from you or your love.

Thank you that you are with us in whatever we are going through.  As we start a new week bring to God a situation that you need his help with this week………………………………………

Heavenly Father thank you that we don’t face the future alone.  Please be in the situations brought to you and in everything we do in the coming days.  We ask for your protection for those who we love and for ourselves during the coming week and until we are able to meet together again.

Heavenly please accept these prayers for the sake of your son, Jesus Christ.


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