Intercessions 7 February 2021

Father God in Heaven, how we love you. We lift your name in all the earth.

Thank you, Father, for the seasons, thank you that spring is on its way.

Thank you, our father, that Jesus has his likeness in You, and that you are one in spirit.

Thank you, Lord, for your creation and that man is made in your likeness also.

We thank you father for the way that you created everything that is linked to everything else so perfectly, but we are saddened that man has not always followed your ways and sometimes through greed has spoilt your pattern, that cares for all.

We pray with thankfulness for the beauty that is all around us just now. We thank you for some  of the initiatives that are on-going to bring back
Some of your ways, like the Great Green Wall of trees in Africa, and the 're-greening of urban areas in Swindon.

Dear Lord, as we see and read about the people that love you, we see that many have be one refugees, seeking a safe place for their families, away from persecution. There are so many in camps across the world.

We pray for Tear Fund as they work through local churches to bring relief, with water projects and better farming  methods.

We pray for Barnanbas Fund as they seek to aid those believers who are suffering  for their faith in Jesus.

We pray for Sat 7 as they find ways to bring the good news of Jesus to countries in the Middle East and beyond.  We remember dear Lord. Before you, our mission partners Daniel and Sarah and their daughters as they work with the young people in Brazil, especially with Covid 19  being so rife there.
We pray too for the Sibthorpe family serving you with MAF in Northern Australia.

Dear Father, at this time here in the UK, so many aspects of life have been affected by the Corona virus. With domestic abuse increased, with education disrupted, and mental health problems soaring, it is difficult to know how to pray. We ask that your church worldwide may remain involved and active in  bringing relief.

May this be a time when people turn to you in their distress when all around  seems hopeless and the future bleak.
  We thank you for the Alpha course that is being run in  conjunction with the Pattern Church at the moment, may all be blessed who are taking part.

Lord, we pray for the local communities where we live. May we as individuals seek to reflect your love to those we know.

We pray for those who live alone, and for those who are facing difficulties with health or with relationships. We pray too for those struggling with family issues or with unemployment. It is so good that you know each one of us by name and have promised to be with us.

We pray for the Queen and her family, for our government having to face so many difficulties, day b by day.

We thank you that so many  have been able to receive a vaccination so far. So many people have enabled this to happen!

We pray for Tudor and Tricia as they lead us and feed us seem by week. We pray for the safety of church leaders, pastors, youth workers, prison visitors and all those people who proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Let us close with a verse from Colossians 3 15.

And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which you were called in one body, and be thankful. Amen


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