Intercessions 20 September 2020

Intercessions  20th September 2020


Glorious, Heavenly Father, we praise You, that You have called us to be the Bride of Christ. We thank You that Jesus is the lover of our souls, the cherisher of our hearts, and the purifier of our lives. Breathe Your Holy Spirit into each one of us, that we may grow daily into the likeness of Jesus, and be transformed with ever increasing glory, into the radiant, unblemished Bride He longs for us to be.


Lord, immerse us in the beauty of Your holiness, as we surrender to You.


Sovereign Lord, we pray for our world, which is wounded and fearful, and often seeks to control, through power and violence. Help us to choose the better way of love and grace. Bring peace, and help to the catastrophic humanitarian crisis in warring Yemen; calm the seething regional conflicts, always ready to boil over into violence, in the Middle East, and heal the injustice and terrible sufferings of the poor throughout the world.

We pray for those countries most affected still by Covid-19, Brazil, India, Iran, Africa and South East Asia, and ask that You give them wisdom, resources, and the light of Jesus.


Lord, immerse us in the beauty of Your holiness, as we surrender to You.


Gracious Father, move by Your Holy Spirit across our nation, and bring healing grace, instead of the toxic anger that surrounds us, especially on social media. We ask for Your guidance and help to our Government. We ask that our country’s Judeo-Christian heritage will remain firm, despite rising secular beliefs and attitudes, and that dealings with the European Union will be carried out on both sides, with fairness and integrity. We pray that You will help make the Covid testing more available, to help keep the virus under control, with fewer local lockdowns, and inspire the minds of all working towards a vaccine. Oh Lord, we know of people whose lives are being cut short by loss of treatments. Comfort and sustain them, and their families. Will You help and resource our NHS, with which You have blessed us, to catch up on lost appointments.

Father, as many more students return to, or join University life, will You give wisdom and restraint, as well as protection, to these young people. May they appreciate the privilege of education, and make full use of their opportunities. Help those parents who are watching their precious children leave home for the first time. We ask that many will find faith in Jesus.


Lord, immerse us in the beauty of Your holiness, as we surrender to You.


Compassionate Father, we ask Your blessing upon our town of Swindon, this parish of Lydiard Millicent and N.W. Swindon, and the surrounding areas. We pray that You will be with the many students in various schools, who have already been sent home to self-isolate for a time, due to Covid cases. Help teachers, their assistants, and all children, coping with new challenges. Please protect them. Thank You that many children have settled back well and happily, into school life. Encourage those who are still anxious.

We pray and thank You for all who help the poor and underprivileged in many ways through: Swindon Food Collective, Night Shelter, Threshold, The Salvation Army and others. Give us the heart of Jesus for those in financial or mental difficulties, or suffering addictive patterns of behaviour. Forgive us for the times when we have failed to show grace. Help and support the police, the emergency, and social services, as they face constant challenges, and traumatic situations. We ask for those who have lost jobs, that they will find new opportunities, and hope for the future, and will look to You for help.


Lord, immerse us in the beauty of Your holiness, as we surrender to You.


Holy Lord, we thank You for this church, a miniature of the Bride of Christ. May we honour You, and each other, with reverent submission, in obedience to Your will and purpose, and from our hearts of love for You.

We ask for an outpouring of blessing, healing and joy upon Tudor and Tricia, in their sacrificial leadership.

Father, as we meet with physical masks covering our faces, we pray that You will help us to take off the false masks that hide so much of our true selves: fear, depression, family struggles, guilt, shame, hidden agonies. We are Your beloved and accepted bride, may we accept, and be more vulnerable and open with one another, so that we can be a healing fellowship, that draws in wounded sinners to this safe place.

We ask for Your healing to those who are sick in this church, who are in our prayers constantly even though we cannot visit them, and Your continued comfort to the family of James Scott.

We rejoice in the wedding of Becky and Nick yesterday, and in the coming wedding of Sarah and Christophe on Saturday. May Your joy and love fill them, as they submit to and love You, and one another.


Bless and prepare us, as Your bride, until the glorious day when we  meet You face to face.


Lord, immerse us in the beauty of Your holiness, as we surrender to You.


Father, accept these prayers, for the sake of Your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ.










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