Intercessions 27th September 2020

Intercessions - 27 September 2020

Service Theme - The Church - The Living Temple

By the authority of Christ, given to his Church, let us pray to the Lord.

You are a generous Father offering your grace and generosity to each and everyone of us in equal measure. Let us spend a moment of time giving thanks for the blessings we have received from you this week [PAUSE]. Enable as your living stones to build your spiritual house to grow your Church. Give us the spirit of service and humility by the power of Jesus Christ who became man for our sake. Keep your people obedient in all things, even to the death of the body.

Dispel the pride that holds people apart from people and nation from nation. We pray for Queen Elizabeth and her Government, governments worldwide and for democracy - that truth, respect and fairness guide decision making and that nations cooperate for global good particularly as the world struggles with the current pandemic. Yet with Covid-19 many people are being kept apart for their health and safety. Some are lonely, some struggling with finances, some struggling with stress in its various forms, and some coping with loss. We pray for all those affected at this time. Visit and heal with your love those whose lives come close to ours.

Bless those who lead this Church’s ministry, particularly the commitment of your servants Tudor and Tricia who have continued to share your message and teachings through these difficult months. We prayer for our local churches and the diocese; collectively may we be a vibrant, meaningful and a living stone for all. May the preaching of your word and the celebration of the sacraments, draw your people closer to you as a community of action.

We remember those who have followed Jesus to death that by your grace we have the promise of eternal life in the new Heaven and new Earth. We particularly remember the family and friends of Sergeant Matt Ratana at this time. As Jesus is highly exalted, raise those we remember with him into your eternal presence.

Strengthened in our weakness, by the divine humility of Christ. For we are the temple of the living God, we make our prayers in his name.

Merciful Father,

Accept these prayers

For the sake of your son our Saviour, Jesus Christ


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