Prayers 29 November 2020

Prayers for Advent Sunday – 29.11.20

[As we come to pray, you might want to light a candle, as we would if we were meeting in church, and think of Jesus, the light of the world, coming to the places, people and situations that are particularly on your heart.]

Lord Jesus, on this Advent Sunday we thank you that you came into our world as a helpless baby and we look forward to the time when you will come again in glory.  We ask you to come today into our hearts and into a world that so desperately needs your presence.

  • We thank you, Lord, that we live in a beautiful world, and pray for all who work to protect it. We pray for special places that are currently under threat, the rainforests, the ice caps, the oceans.  We pray your blessing on those who work for environmental agencies and charities, and your guidance for those in governments around the world who have to make decisions on how we respond to the challenge of climate change.  We ask that you will help us all to treat the natural world with care and respect.


  • We pray, Lord, for people at home and abroad who are suffering the effects of the Covid 19 virus.  We ask for your comfort and healing for those who are sick, and your strength for those who care for them.  We think of those in hospitals and care homes, families who are separated from loved ones, the bereaved, the lonely, and the anxious.  We pray for those who have lost jobs, and those who are fearful for the future.  Please show us how and where we can offer help and encouragement.


  • We thank you for the recent encouraging results in trials of vaccines for Covid-19. We pray for those working in medical research and those in governments and health services making plans to distribute and administer vaccinations when they become available.  We pray for cooperation between countries and agencies and fair systems to ensure that supplies go to those who need them most.


  • And lastly we pray for our local community.  We pray for our local schools, nurseries and colleges and ask that you will strengthen and encourage those who work in them.  We pray for safe travel for students coming home from universities. We lift to you family, friends, neighbours and colleagues, thinking especially of those who particularly need to know your presence with them at this time.  And we pray for our church community as we make plans to celebrate Christmas in new ways this year.  We ask that the good news of the Christmas message will bring hope to many.


Come, Lord, we pray, that your light may shine in the darkness and bring your peace to cast out fear.



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