Intercessions 31st May 2020

Intercessions 31st May 2020

Pentecost Sunday


Heavenly Father, as we celebrate the coming of Your Holy Spirit, we ask that You will anoint us afresh today. Help us to overflow with the fire and joy of Your love, and to boldly share Your Word, so that many will be drawn to You. We ask that Your Spirit will come upon us and transform us into the likeness of Jesus, that we will display the fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  May the gifts of Your Spirit be revealed in all Your people in power, so that Your kingdom will grow and flourish, to the glory of Your Name.


Breathe on us, Breath of God, and fill us with life, and love anew.


Loving Father, we pray for all young children who return to school this week. Comfort and strengthen those who will find returning to a very different environment, frightening and disturbing. Help all teachers and assistants, who are also providing work online, for the rest of their pupils, and encourage parents who are finding home-schooling a challenge. We ask for Your gentle hand of protection and care, to be on all children and others, who are at greater risk during this time. Shelter them under the shadow of Your wings. Pour Your love into all families, and bless them.


Breathe on us, Breath of God, fill us with life, and love anew.


Mighty God, we ask for Your wisdom and help, for our Government leaders and their advisors. Guide their thoughts and actions as they make new and difficult decisions during this time, so that a second wave of Covid-19, is prevented, and the economy stabilised.

Bless our Queen, and her family. Thank You for her example of steadfast faith and hope in You. May we show that same steadfastness, by Your Holy Spirit in us.


Breathe on us, Breath of God, and fill us with life, and love anew.


Gracious Father, we thank You for those who serve us faithfully and courageously at all times.

Bless, protect and encourage:

those who work for the NHS in many different capacities;

all who care for others in residential, and private homes;

our police service and prison officers who often face dangerous situations;

all council staff who help to keep our lives running smoothly;

postal and delivery men, and all who keep our food supplies stocked and available to us;

our church leaders, for their faithfulness in facing all the new challenges this time is bringing, and anoint them as they continue to lead the church forward.

Help us, as imitators of Christ, make all these roles, as pleasant and rewarding as possible.


Breathe on us, Breath of God, and fill us with life, and love anew.


Compassionate Father, there are so many who are affected adversely by Covid-19. We pray for Your comforting presence and healing hand upon those who are sick in any way; upon those  who feel isolated and afraid in lockdown, and for others in care homes. Grant Your deep peace to those who cannot be alongside their loved ones who are ill, or dying. Soothe the fears of those who have lost jobs, or whose income has been deeply affected, by the economic consequences of the virus. We pray Lord that the homeless, who have been accommodated during this time, and whose conditions have improved, may continue to be cared for, when the pandemic eases. We ask for Your provision to the Swindon Food Collective, so that they will be able to give generously to all in need. By Your Holy Spirit, give us compassionate hearts, and open hands for those who have fallen on hard times.


Breathe on us, Breath of God, fill us with life, and love anew.


Faithful God, we pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters throughout the world, whose already dire situations have been made even more desperate at this time. Protect them from violence and virus, from persecution and pain;  be their refuge, and may the ‘joy of the Lord be their strength’.  Bless our mission partners in Brazil and Northern Australia, who faithfully serve You. Make their ministries fruitful, and keep them and their families safe.


We praise and give thanks that You are the Living God, who breathes new life into us; who restores and refreshes us. Touch the heart of every person in this church with the joy of Your Holy Spirit; make us a radiant church, that shines bright with the light and love of Jesus; inspire and encourage our leaders; hold  those who are sick and suffering in Your loving arms, and heal them by Your great power; strengthen those who care for others; grant peace to the weary and anxious; and by Your great mercy and grace, draw us into a deeper walk with You, that we may know the fullness of Your Holy Spirit, in our lives every day. May Your Kingdom come!


Breathe on us, Breath of God, fill us with life, and love anew.














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