Trinity Sunday 7th June 2020 Prayers

Prayers Trinity Sunday 2020  All Saints Lydiard Millicent.

Because its Trinity Sunday it is good to use Celtic Prayers from Lindisfarne written by David Adam.

The Lord is here

His Spirit is with us

We need not fear

His Spirit is with us

We are surrounded by love

His Spirit is with us

We are immersed in peace

His Spirit is with us

We rejoice in Hope

His Spirit is with us

We travel in faith

His Spirit is with us

We live in eternity

His Spirit is with us

The Lord is in this place

His Spirit is with us


Lod of the Elements

All praises due

Lord of the Oceans

Glory to you

You give the morning

And the fresh dew

You give your presence

Loyal and true

You give me life

My being renew

Lord of the Elements

Glory to you


Prayers Continue:

A prayer of John Wesley:

 Let us adore the Father, the God of love; who created us; who continually preserves us; who has loved us with an everlasting love and given us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. Let us glory in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Though he was rich he became poor, he was tempted in all points as were , yet without sin; he became obedient to death, death on a cross: he was dead and is alive for ever; he has opened the kingdom of heaven to all who trust in him. Let us rejoice in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of life; by whom  we are born into the family of God, whose witness confirms us, whose wisdom teaches us, whose power enables us. All praises to you, Holy Trinity( for you live and reign, One God for ever and ever Amen)

We pray for the Queen and all who have positions of authority; Almighty God, the fountain of all goodness, bless our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth and all who are in authority under her; that they may order all things in wisdom and equity, righteousness and peace, to the honour of your name, and the good of your Church and people through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

We commit our family life to you

Father in heaven bless all parents that they may cherish their children, make them wise and understanding to help them grow and surround our families with the Light of your truth and the warmth of your love through Christ our Lord Amen

And bless all three schools in our Parish and under our care: Peatmoor Community Primary school, Lydiard Millicent Church of England Academy Primary school,  and Ridgeway Farm Church of England academy Primary School (Purton Parish) with whom we also work and minister to. Bless all the Head teachers, teachers, staff, parents, children and school governors over these weeks of change and adjustment to living under Covid 19 arrangements, and the communities where these schools are set and the secondary schools, colleges, and universities that our young people go to or who are applying to. Give our children and young people your protection and guidance we pray and bless and protect those in the Body of Christ who work in this field of ministry.


We pray for those who are sick…. Heavenly Father giver of life, and health, comfort those who are sick, that they may be strengthened in their weakness and trust in your unfailing love and especially at this time give courage, strength, fortitude, patience ,and a sense of humour and good coffee breaks to refresh  the NHS staff who care for them amidst all that they do as the cope with those with Covid 19, for those with Cancer and all those suffering at this time. Healer of the Sick stretch out your hand on all people in hospitals and clinics and homes and heal each one close our heart in Jesus name Amen.


Lord Bless our Mission links especially today we pray for our Mission link partners in with CMS in Recife Brazil Carlos and Sarah Brito- Medeiros and their two girls Bless their work at ‘Revive’ enable them to continue their ministry even under Covid 19 shut downs, and have mercy we pray on the Nation of Brazil which has suffered so badly under this pandemic, and be we pray too with Bishop Eridard Nsubuga and Mama Jane in our link diocese of Llowero in the Province of Uganda, Bless protect them in  their challenges over these months in Jesus’s precious name Amen


And lastly bless the Body of Christ at All Saints Lydiard Millicent and the parish of NW Swindon and Lydiard Millicent, thank you Almighty God, Thank you Holy Spirit, Thank you Jesus, for the ways you are blessing this Church under lock down help us to grow in number and spiritually so that when lockdown is over we may set out on mission, but help us to with our mission now this very day, in Jesus name Amen.



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